August 2017

In August 2017 The Klosters Forum brought together a hand picked cohort of expert practitioners and funders to give time and space for innovation in Refugee Education. Participating organisations included: Microsoft, IKEA, UNHCR, UNICEF, Save The Children, DfID, the University of Geneva, SNHU, Arizona State University, iAct, NetHope, World Vision, Refugee Trauma Initiative, Rumie, Libraries without Borders, and many more.

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 January 2018

During the week of the annual World Economic Forum Davos meeting, TKF will host two mornings of panel discussions for carefully selected guests. The panel topics will revolve around current and future TKF challenges. Additional talks will be held in Klosters for TKF ambassadors and friends.

Spring 2018

Refugee Education Working Group Participants will be invited to reconvene to report on progress made, lessons learned, toolkits developed, problems overcome and those still to be overcome, and account for pledges made and resources spent. Additional funders and other organisations who can offer support and resources to further progress collaborations will also be invited.  This event will conclude the TKF chapter on Education in Refugee Camps. Ongoing collaborations will receive our support whenever possible.  

 Summer/Autumn 2018

 In 2018 TKF will bring together practitioners, funders, innovators and change-makers to collectively tackle the next challenge: Marine Conservation. Again, we provide a platform for conversation and collaboration between people and entities who can, together, develop and fund solutions to effectively overcome the identified obstacles to a  healthy maritime ecosystem. 

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