The purpose of the August 2017 Forum is to provide the time and space for participants to retreat as a focused working group to enable innovative solutions and put together the pieces of the jigsaw of refugee education. Participants will be invited back to share their findings, progress and problems encountered and present at a panel in Klosters-Davos to coincide with The World Economic Forum week in January 2018.

The overarching topic in 2017 will be:
Empowering the Marginalised.

The desired outcome for 2017’s Forum will be:
Improving Education in Refugee Camps.

August 2017

The Klosters Forum will bring together practitioners, funders and technologists to create a space for innovation in refugee education. We will provide a platform for conversation and collaboration between people and organisations who understand the problems and can, together, develop and fund practical solutions in refugee education.

Over 3 days, through carefully facilitated working groups, prospective collaborators will meet to overcome key challenges and will join funders prepared to invest risk capital for new initiatives. 

Forum participants will work together to propose solutions to the challenge of providing accessible, equitable and high quality education in refugee camps. Participants will share their expertise and find ways to make individual programmes work more effectively together.

 January 2018

We will re-convene in January 2018, as a fringe event to Davos World Economic Forum, to highlight the initiatives and display progress and plans.

August 2018

In August 2018 participants will reconvene for a focused retreat in Klosters to report on progress made, lessons learned, toolkits developed, problems overcome and those still to be overcome, and account for pledges made and resources spent. 

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