The following articles are written by TKF Participants and/or about The Klosters Forum.

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Professor David C Wilson reflects on the dominant story of his CIWM Presidential year, how we respond to the crisis of plastics entering our oceans. Which plastic uses are diabolic and which fantastic?


Environmental anthropologist, political ecologist and single-use plastic-free campaigner, Dr Trisia Farrelly, has been appointed to a taskforce advising the United Nations Environmental Assembly Expert Group on marine plastic pollution.  

Dr Farrelly, from the School of People, Environment and Planning, was invited to speak at the recent Klosters Forum (TKF) in Switzerland. During the forum, she was asked to join the UN taskforce to help formulate an international legally-binding treaty on marine plastic pollution – a role she is delighted to have been offered regarding an issue she is passionate about.


Our Ocean and the Future of Plastic BY Mark J. Spalding, President of The Ocean Foundation

In July, I spent four days at The Klosters Forum, an intimate small-town setting in the Swiss Alps that fosters more innovative collaborations by bringing together disruptive and inspirational minds to tackle some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges...


Scaling plastic waste solutions, even imperfect ones by Doug Woodring and Tom Domen 

Plastic pollution in waterways and coastlines is an overall system failure of how we design, use and dispose of materials. The myriad of lightweight, durable plastics makes it incredibly hard to recover and sort these resources into usable quantities of similar polymer types. This reduces its embedded value and incentive for collection.


Reducing Plastic Pollution Isn’t Enough to Save the Ocean

Plastic production is expected to quadruple by 2050. Mark J. Spalding, president of The Ocean Foundation, explains how fully understanding the scope of the pollution problem convinced him that current efforts are not sufficient.

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Pete Myers: Peering into the Plasticene, our future of plastic and plastic waste

The challenge is undeniably enormous. Huge economic pressures continue the exponential growth curve of plastic production, with no solutions capable of dealing with the problem at scale.


Enduring, alpine, unusual: The Klosters Forum
brings together 100 parti­cipants who would not otherwise meet.

SWISS: What is The Klosters Forum?
STEPHANIE VON MEISS: The Klosters Forum (TKF) is a young, international environmental forum. This summer’s forum will be held from 24 to 26 July in the Grisons Alps.

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TKF invites you for free screening of the renowned documentary A Plastic Ocean in the Kulturschuppen.