The following projects were initiated during/after the TKF. More conversations are ongoing. 

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Arizona State University (ASU) and Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (BSF/ Libraries Without Borders)

ASU and BSF, with the involvement of IFLA, organised an international summit from January 29 to February 1, 2018. 25 practitioners from around the world met at ASU to explore possible synergies and the formation of a consortium to provide offline Internet Services for communities without access to such services and as back up when Internet fails. The medium to long-term goals of the consortium are to design and implement common projects, align technologies and practice, build an instrument to expand fundraising capacities for offline internet solutions and to develop global standards for offline internet. Participants from TKF 2017 from Kiwix, Learning Equality, INEE and Rumie were amongst the organisations that attended. The link to the consortium can be found here:

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iACT and World Connect

 In late 2017, World Connect (through Avinash Kaza / Upswell) awarded iACT a $4,400 grant for the Donkey Ripples livelihood solution that creates a sustainable income for iACT's refugee-led Little Ripples early childhood program. This program will be implemented by refugees in March and April 2018.